We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

All Women Deserve Stylish Fashion

If you are overweight or over a size 14 according to the fashion industry, a day shopping can be immensely frustrating. Plus size women are openly discriminated against in most retail stores found in major shopping malls. If you are looking for clothes over size 14, you usually have to search in a corner in the back of the store to find just a few racks of something they call fashionable. If you look carefully, you will probably find dust on the outfits. Even though the average woman is 25 pounds heavier than women were 50 years ago, only 9% of the money spent on clothing is from consumers purchasing fashions over size 14. There is something wrong with this picture.

Most of the plus size women in the world feel excluded by most of the fashion industry. This is due to the lack of plus size clothing in most fashionable, name-brand stores across Australia. Unfortunately for the larger consumer, it doesn’t seem like the fashion industry is in too much of a hurry to change the trend. However, there are a few stores that are dedicated to larger women and they are becoming more popular every day.

It’s a Matter of Money

Sadly, money is the main reason why the fashion industry won’t budge on manufacturing a wider range of clothes for larger consumers. Number crunching accountants have won, even though there is a huge customer base that is being ignored. Space is a high commodity for most retailers who are trying to turn a profit in today’s competitive market. There is only so much space, and every inch of the sales floor counts. To be honest, you can put 20 outfits that are a size 6, or 10 outfits that are a size 26, on one rack. It comes down to profitability. You can put more merchandise in smaller sizes into the limited space that is available to most retailers. They are just trying to make the most of the small space they have.

Another sad fact is that it simply costs more to purchase larger clothes because it costs more to make them. Obviously it takes more material to make larger size clothing. The clothing also has to be made sturdier to withstand the stress put on the material and workmanship by larger person clothing. Because it costs more to purchase larger sizes and larger clothes take up more room in the store, making the decision to forego purchasing larger sizes is an easy one.

There is an Answer

Some stores have chosen to ignore the numbers that accountants are harping on and have taken into consideration that a large portion of the world is being ignored, and they have chosen to set their sights on satisfying that population. Since 65% of woman who are in the plus size feel excluded, these stores are doing something about it. These stores have fashions up to size 36 and carry styles from lingerie to athletic wear to fashionable work clothes and formal wear. Millions of women can walk into these stores and feel at ease and not self-conscious. These stores are also expanding to include shoes and other accessories. They are becoming a one-stop shop for women, seem to be turning quite a profit, and are extremely popular. All of the major department stores have chosen to shun a large part of the population, which has opened the doors for these small specialty shops to cash in on their ignorance.

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