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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Are Human Hair Extensions Sourced Ethically?

Human hair extensions are by far the best material that you can use for hair extensions at the moment. They are able to withstand any sort of treatment that you throw at them as well as regular hair does (depending on the attachment type you have) and are popular among celebrities and general members of the public alike. They are the epitome of a high quality product and this is why they have become so popular and is the reason why consumers have started to stray away from the lower quality alternatives such as synthetic extensions. Nothing can match up to “the real deal” when it comes to any product, and so this is why human hair extensions shine above all of them. 

The biggest issue that you are likely to have is that there are going to be a lot of controversy and questions around how the hair is sourced and whether it is sourced responsibly or not. This is a just question and something that should always be bought up when discussing the idea of the sourcing of any material that is considered superior, as there can be consequences for using the most ideal option of any given material (for instance fossil fuels are harmful to the environment and fast running out, but are still desirable when there are several other alternatives).

However, human hair extensions are very different in this regard. They cannot be considered as harmful and are certainly not unethical either. This is because sources of these extensions are in very specific areas of the globe and are governed by very specific followings, and so those that source them pick and choose places where the transaction becomes regular rather than exploitive.

I am of course talking about the idea of getting human hair extensions from parts of India in which Hindu temples are common, as these are the places where you will get by far the best and highest amounts of human hair. There are so many temples in the area that you could really go to any of them in the same place, but for the mostpart they operate under the same premise and believe in the same concept with regards to the subject of human hair. This seems like a rather strange thing to be relevant in this situation especially in a religious building, but you can rest assured that this is massively important to making sure that the human hair extensions used at stores such as www.inanch.com are obtained ethically.

Essentially the Hindus believe that by sacrificing (shaving their hair) and offering it to the great god Vishnu that he will reward them with a bountiful harvest of their crops as well as a good year in general. This sort of dedication is massively admired by a lot of people, and those that source and purchase human hair extensions will reward said Hindus for this sacrifice by giving them financial compensation from the hair that they shave off.

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