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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Buying Guide For Plus Size Shapewear

One of the best things about body shapers is that they work for everyone! No matter if you are voluminous or athletic physique, anyone can use it to flatter their build and look amazing. Plus size women have a diverse range of designs and styles to select from. Here we shall review some of the popular plus size body shaper available for them:

Full body shapers

If you are looking for an all-in-one investment, then these garments will work on multiple areas in one go. Choose full body slips or tummy control bodysuit which target your tummy, waist, hips, butts, thighs and midsection all at once.

Open chest shapers

This style is majorly recommended if you need a unique bra size. The open chest design allows you to choose your bra according to your size. It is also meant for those to pick a bra for a specific neckline.

Waist cinchers

If you wish to compress or smooth your belly, you have several body shapers for it. Waist cinchers and girdles work miraculously to re-shape your midsection with good compression. So, if you want an hourglass figure then use a waist trainer to cinch your waist. If you are looking for a lighter compression just to smooth the extra bulges, then go for high-waist slips and abdominal bands and get the level of control you need.

Lower body shapers

If you just want to balance your upper and lower body in the right manner then lower body shapers will target all the required spots: the thighs and hips. Shaping briefs, thongs can tighten your lower body part and are available in different leg lengths to suit your style and coverage requirements.

Butt lifters

Butt lifters are the best way to enhance your backside depending on your preference. You have several full body shapers designed with rear cut outs which enhance and lift your butt. There are some shapers which smooth and shape your buttocks. If you just need to balance your backside with your bust, then you can go for padded panties to get perfect curves.

Minimizing bras

If you have a big cup size and you want to down size it then you can always use a minimizing bra for it. It offers gentle compression and shaping and reduces the size of your bust.

Arm shapers

A lot of women have loose skin in their arms and they badly want to keep their upper arms appear trimmed. Arm shapers are a great way to tighten and smooth this area. It smooths the back fat and bra bulges too.

Shapewear works phenomenally for your body and helps you to look slimmer, sleeker and slender. It supports your body and wipes out the unwanted bulges and lines. It boosts your confidence and enhances your self-esteem. With so many benefits of wearing a body shaper, it is recommended not just for plus size women but for women of all shapes and age. Buy a shapewear according to your needs and requirements and see the effect it has on you.  


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