We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Get That Layerin’ Done Right!

How often do you feel the urge of grabbing something extra over your regular clothes to give it an edgy look? Or how repeatedly you search for something with which you can wrap yourself up, but in style? Yeah, every second females’ story! We have a list of ‘Cover Up’ options for your different styling needs. You could probably say, The whole Layering thing sorted at one place. We’ve eased the process of what options are there and how many variations can you have. After All, we know ‘Change is the only Constant’.

So brace yourself up as we be flooding the thoughts of yours with a lot of Covering up fashion trends!

Shades of Shrugs:


Now when we talk about shrugs, you’ll be like, duh! Everyone has one in their closet, but don’t go too fast judging, cuz we will be having a way better list of Shrug options then you’ve thought. Shrugs are the saviors, cuz whether you wanna go for a simple Old Tee or a Chest Print Tee but want an edgy look to it, you can count on Shrugs. They’re elegant and adds charm to the clothing. Go for some Knitted Shrugs instead of regular T-shirt material Shrug or else, choose a one with Fringes for a classy look.

The different lengths of Shrugs also add the charm to the outfit. And again the options are numerous. The Maxi Shrugs have it in them to turn the heads and can go with any Short, Long Tops & Tunics. The newbie in the market is Slit Shrugs, they’re fashionable and can go well with Ethnic Kurtis as well. Printed Shrugs on another hand with plain hued tops do wonders to the overall look.

Capes are the New Cool:


When we’re talking about the coverup fashion, Capes are in for like a decade and more. They’re trendy and gives a fresh look. Some of these beauties are available in ankle length whereas others are Sleeveless Capes, Net Capes, Printed Capes, PomPom Capes, and the list is neverending. They look dapper with any everyday clothing and some goes with Office Formals as well.

Fashion Quick fact: The fine line of difference between Shrugs and Capes is, these have full covered fronts.

Captivating Cardigans:


The days are gone when Cardigans were considered only as Winter Wears. It’s time for some closet shuffling and getting something which can be used for multiple seasons yet you slay in it. Innovative Cardigans are everywhere, from Buttoned Collar Cardigans to V-neck Ribbon Cardigans, from Fringe bottom Cardigan to Fine knit Cardigan and what not. Pair ‘em up with your clothes to have that extra layered attraction.

Viable Vests:


The most loved by the Business ladies and which comes with supreme fit are the Vests. Formal Wear looks just perfect when paired with them and if blazers are your slaying choice, vests can add many more points to your overall outfit. Casual Vests also add glitter to a regular outfit and the different Collar styles leave you with many varieties to choose from. The regular ones are used as Inner wears as well but when wore as night clothes, they leave every other night suits behind in comfort.

‘Open Front’ Layering Styles:


The Shrugs or Crop Jackets with ‘Open Front’ styling are something you can boast around with cuz they have the glam. Some shimmery short open front shrugs, cardigans, and even vests are the show stealers in spite of wearing over just a regular Top or Tee. Even they come in varied style and materials for every occasion and seasons.

So now that you’re fully aware of layering options available out there, Thanks to us! Just kidding! Choose your favorite from Shopper Stop and give the distinct feel to your outfits with the right layering garment.


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