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Underfloor Heating Insulation

How Important is Underfloor Heating Insulation?

Everything you need to know

As the underfloor heating contractors Essex trust, we work on a wide range of homes. During that time, we have seen just how important effective insulation can be. 

underfloor heating insulation

How does underfloor heating insulation work? Well, the main objective is to stop heat from being lost down into the ground, which will help you to reduce your bills and the impact you have on the environment. As a general rule, in electric underfloor heating systems insulation boards are laid below the heating cables or mats. If you have a water underfloor heating system, the insulation will be installed beneath the pipes. In both instances, this will ensure that heat is directed upwards into your home where it is needed. 

Benefits of Insulation

We all know that having effective insulation in place is a good thing, but how exactly does it benefit those with underfloor heating systems? Here at three key gains that you can expect if you install insulation alongside your UFH: 

  • Increased energy efficiency: one of the biggest selling points of underfloor heating is its energy efficiency. However, the level of insulation you have in place can massively impact this. By cutting down on the amount of heat lost through your floor, you will need much less energy to heat your home. this will soon result in much lower bills for you – making UFH a brilliant long-term investment. 
  • A comfortable home: Underfloor heating distributes heat much more evenly than radiators, which allows you to maintain a much more comfortable temperature throughout your property. Having effective installation in place will ensure that all heat is being directed upwards, helping your underfloor heating to reach the right temperature much faster. 
  • Noise reduction: a benefit that you may not have considered is noise reduction. As you will be greatly reducing the amount of heat lost to the ground beneath your home, you can reduce the noise levels within it. Insulation has been proven to absorb sound, so it can help you to maintain a home that is comfortable in terms of temperature and noise levels. 

Insulation elsewhere in your property

As well as taking steps to install specific underfloor heating insulation, having it in place in other parts of your home will further boost your UFH system’s effectiveness. Many of our customers already have insulation in their homes, but for those who don’t, here are four kinds that you should consider: 

  • Walls: this is particularly effective in older properties.
  • Windows: double glazing is a great insulation tool, and you can also find specialist film for windows.
  • Doorways: insulated doors and weather stripping will improve energy efficiency and sound comfort in a property. 
  • Ceilings: heat rises, so ceiling insulation will help to retain the heat that you have worked hard to protect with UFH insulation – keeping it right where you want it. 

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