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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Jewellery- Women’s Boast During Pregnancy

Naturally women are very fond of jewellery. May be from the very beginning of civilization they wear it to look pretty in various occasions. To make themselves more presentable they treasure jewellery. Every piece of jewellery they own carries a sentimental value regardless of its price. But is it safe to continue this affection towards jewellery during pregnancy?

Is it safe during pregnancy?

It is very common that hormonal changes and various mood swings occur in an expectant from the first trimester till the delivery of a baby. Due to these hormonal changes if the expectant wears certain metals may affect her body during pregnancy. These may also occur in women those are engaged in jewellery making during their pregnancy period. Thus, it is not recommended to wear jewellery during pregnancy. The most common metals those are worn by ladies are gold, silver, platinum, titanium, tungsten carbide, stainless steel and rhodium. During the first week of expectancy many women experience skin reaction. While others don’t experience any skin reaction and thus continue to wear their respective jewellery throughout foetal gestation. But skin reaction is not only the concern of not wearing the metals. During pregnancy body retains fluid. Due to wearing jewellery fingers may swell. However, swelling of hands, legs and finger is very common as pregnancy progresses. This is also known oedema. But if it gets severe body parts get tight and cause discomfort. In many cases fingers are cut in order to remove jewellery. Thus, loose fitting jewellery can be worn during pregnancy. There have been various instances where the hands or the feet rings have to be cut in order to remove it before it starts getting too tight.

Which jewelleries are best during pregnancy?

It is recommended not to wear any jewellery during the whole pregnancy period. But if anyone wants to wear she can wear loose fitting nontoxic metals jewellery. Jewellery made up of toxic metals like lead, cadmium, mercury or nickel are a big no-no for the expectant mothers. They can cause miscarriages, pre-eclampsia, infertility, menstrual difficulties, premature birth and even pregnancy included hypertension. These toxic metals when get contact with sweat may lead to minute absorption in the body which poses complications. So, it is the best option to avoid junk jewelleries and costume jewelleries during pregnancy. Only gold, silver or inert metal jewellery can be worn with basic care. You can go on to use plastic or fibre jewellery if the need arises.

One of the jewellery which has really attracted the pregnant woman is the harmony ball. The real benefit of it is derived after the baby is born. It goes on to provide a sense of calm and comfort to the wearer of it and particularly the baby who is in the womb of the mother.

Are piercing jewelleries recommended?

Now a day, body piercing is a growing trend that every woman wants to do. But it is another concern during pregnancy. Either it is belly button piercing or nipple piercing both should be removed during pregnancy. Due to C-section or other form of medical intervention all jewellery (includes traditional earrings, rings, tongue studs, belly button piercing, etc.) need to be removed during pregnancy. Maternity belly button rings are available which is made up of plastic and stretches as the waist expands.

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