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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Joggers Aren’t Just For The Gym Anymore – Here’s Why

Men’s joggers are not just for the gym and for just purely sporty activities; they have many uses other than the generic. They can be worn for informal outing such as parities, meeting with friends, going out with friends and even for just home wear. They can be worn for formal events like parties, meetings and other occasions given that the joggers are matched with a shirt that suits well for the occasion and a jacket.

Informal Wear – Bomber Jackets / Joggers

If you are going out to meet your friends joggers are definitely a great option, as there are so many different types of them as well, which makes it easier to find the right one that is appropriate for the occasion. A bomber jacket could do really well with a pair of black joggers or even a brighter coloured jacket – they match with most jackets and look really good.

The bomber jacket is pretty popular with celebrities who also wear joggers and pull a great look off, Drake is a great example. Joggers are defiantly a great combination with a bomber jacket in any colour that matches well with the joggers. They are particularly relevant to wear when it is cold out and you need comfy and warm clothes on. Even in warm weather, this look is great and can keep you cool without getting too hot as most of the men’s joggers are made for cotton that it is loose and not to tight and gripping to the skin.

Mixing joggers with a bomber jacket is not the only option as there are many other jackets that look really well with joggers, such as a denim jacket that it a loose fit but can look stylish and cool with the blue design and with a pair of black joggers. Even with more baggy, big or even wide jackets, they can still match with joggers as there are different types of joggers that are baggy and compliment similar shaped clothes such as a quilted jacket.

Informal Wear – Jumpers / Joggers

Joggers are great for men who like wearing jumpers but want to try something new instead of generic jeans or other trousers can they commonly wear. Joggers are not just for the gym when it comes to wearing them out to go to a party or even just at home where you want to feel comfortable with a nice warm jumper on.

Woolly type Jumpers are especially worn in winter times when it is cold and we need to stay warm. Joggers are a great additional to jumpers because they are also good at keeping you warm and comfy, especially different types of joggers that are made from fabric cotton and have an extra warm layer in the inside of the trouser that is great for cold wear when going out for informal occasions.

Jumpers and joggers are not limited to winter wear or when it’s cold, as there are different types of jumpers as well; there are jumpers that are made from cotton and are much more loose fitting and baggy, rather than woolly jumpers that are thick and made for cold weather. Jumpers that are loose fitted look amazing and stylish with a nice pair of standard joggers for informal occasions, for when going out with friends or to a party, whatever the case – there are so many ways to wear then other than for the gym.

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