We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Mini Me Kids Fashion Trend – Influence By Celebrity Families

I’ve taken an interest in the latest mini-me trend in the children’s fashion world. More and more leading designers are launching children’s collections that are a pint-size version of their adult ready-to-wear collections. A few of my favorites are: Burberry, Dolce&Gabbana, Young Versace, John Galliano and Junior Gaultier.

dolcegabbana-dg-fall-winter-2013-full-print-ad-campaign-child-designer-childrenswear-kidswear-baby-newborn-fashion-photography-giampaolosgura-03The more I read about mini me collections online the more recognize the influence of celebrities and their children. It seems natural to me. Celebrities are in the media spotlight and we’re interested in how they dress themselves and their children. Let’s not forget that celebrity families have the budget to invest in these expensive designer mini me collections.

Celebrity families like the Beckhams continue to get a lot of media attention, especially for their sense of fashion and style. Last year Romeo Beckham was a star in the Burberry SS13 Campaign which along with increasing Burberry sales, brought mini me collections to the headlines. The Bechkam mini me trend continued to hit the headlines during New York Fashion Week this Fall when Victoria Bechkam was spotted wearing a similar cashmere wrap to one worn by her daughter Harper.

As with Burberry, children designers and retailers often look to celebrity kids to help promote their products. You’ll find paparazzi style photos of celebrity kids wearing designer outfits shared on their websites and social media. Celebrities are also often given gifts baskets filled with the latest baby clothes and gear.

kids-fashionLet’s not forget mini fashionista Suri Cruise who has been followed by the press since Katie Holmes was pregnant! Her mini heels created a fashion craze and debate around the playground. I recently learned that the stylish 7 year old will be launching her own brand, “Suri”. Her mom, Katie Holmes has launched a brand with her stylist Jeanne Yang (Holmes & Yang) which includes a women’s and girls’ collection. Holme’s Stylist Yang is also expected to work with Suri on her collection.

One of my favorite sources for mini me looks is online store Melijoe’s magazine. www.melijoe.com You’ll find a great articles on The Beckhams Celebrity Style which features family photos and describes what designer outfits they are wearing. Another favorite mini article features British model and style icon Kate Moss. A must reed for us kids fashion lovers!

Article by Laura Yatim, Dashin Fashion Kids Magazine

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