We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Swappable Watch Bands Are Both Convenient And Stylish

Even though it looked as though the cell phone would eventually replace the wrist watch as a time-keeper, there’s just nothing that is stylish and functional as a watch. Watch makers have learned a thing or two from cell phones, however, and have begun packaging many cell phone functions into the watches themselves.

A watch, however, is much more than just its functions – it allows for a perfect accessory style for men as well as women. You don’t have to break the bank to have a different watch for each occasion. Instead, you can alter the look and style of the watch just by swapping out the band.

Clockwork Synergy Straps offer NATO watch strap comes in a variety of colors and style combinations.They also offer both affordable and unique two-piece leather, metal or suede straps. These straps will fit wrists of any size and can accommodate watches of any type, this includes Apple watches.

The NATO strap is extremely simple to change out and was created by the British Ministry of Defense and they started offering the watch band in 1973 to the troops. Its official name is the G10, the NATO watch strap is 20 mm wide, made out of nylon and was offered in whatever color you wished, as long as that color was “Admiralty Grey.”

This style includes a strap that is passed through and then wrapped behind the watch spring bars. Attached onto the main strap buckle is an extra strap with a keeper. By passing the main strap through the keeper, a pocket is formed, keeping the watch securely in its place. One of the G10’s advantages is should any of the spring bars loosen, the watch will still be securely attached to the intact bar.

These G10 straps now come in rubber for fishermen, swimmers and divers, in addition they are available in many different colors for the nylon style. They’re not the only band type that may be changed out to mix-up your watch look, however. For two-part straps, a fairly inexpensive strap-changing tool will be required.

A spring bar tool should suffice for many watches. However, there are a few types of watches that might require using a jeweler’s screwdriver in order to remove the bars held securely by screws that are fitted into threaded holes that are drilled directly into the lugs of the watch. No matter the method you use, the spring bars will need to be removed, then you will need to move them through the ends of your new strap, at which point the bars will be replaced.

With a bit of practice, your new watch, with its various stylish straps, will add versatility to your outfits.

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