We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Tips For Always Being A Well-Dressed Dude

You certainly do not have to read Men’s fashion and style magazines to dress sharp and look well-dressed. But by adopting a few styling tips and playing by some rules, you can strike a good impression. It takes practice but once your figure out how to work with the basic things, you will love to experiment with your looks which will help you develop your own personal style. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Grooming
  • It will not matter if you are wearing designer clothes and are stinking bad. Do that only if you want people to maintain distance from you and think of you as someone who doesn’t knows what hygiene means. Grooming isn’t just restricted to face shaving any more. One should shower daily, floss teeth, make time for work out, carry mints to avoid bad breath and most importantly should make use of deodorants. Stinking socks and shoes should be avoided at any cost. Wearing shoes that have a good quality helps a lot here.
  • Add versatile pieces to your wardrobe
  • Most guys do not like to shop in an elaborate way. Unlike women, they shop with a purpose and buy only what they need. In such cases, the best bet is to buy pieces that can be teamed up in various ways and make for different looks in a good number. There’s no need to stuff wardrobe and buy everything which is in trend to appear vogue. This is especially true with shoes. You only need a couple of pairs. Redchief shoes are very popular and come in a lot of solid shades. Browse through the Redchief shoes price list to buy the best ones at the best prices.
  • Choose good fitting
  • Do not be under the illusion that if you are fat, wearing loose clothes will work best for you and tight clothes will enhance your physique. Both of them are a turn off.Good fitting clothes are a must if you want to increase your style meter. The fit should be comfortable and help you make free movement throughout the day. The fit of your clothes can make or break your look. So do not underestimate it.
  • Opt for matching shoes
  • Most men do not like to own too many pair of shoes. They own one pair for each occasion and like to mix and match according to the place and events. Formal shoes and sneakers work well for workplace, casual outings and even weddings. Decide the kind of shoes you need in your life and work on your looks with them. Leather casual shoes like the ones offered by Woodland team up nicely with various laidback outfits. You can check out Woodland shoes price list on CashKaro to shop from a huge variety at discounted prices.
  • Keep your skin tone in mind
  • Keeping skin tone as well as undertone in mind can help you a lot in sporting colors that look good on you. Ensure that if you are buying light colors shirts, they should not wash you out. Similarly if you are opting for bright shirts, make sure they do not look odd on you. People with really warm undertones shouldn’t wear anything that’s extremely stark. Olive skintones work best with warm shades and pastels should be avoided unless you come across some exception.

Lastly, do not leave home without the most important thing which will take your look from a 8 to 10 i.e. Confidence! You need it to carry your look.

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