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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Victorian Cotton Nightdresses

The term Victorian Cotton Nightdresses is, in fact, a little misleading as there were no nightdresses, as we know of them today, in the Victoria Era. There were night clothes of course, and these were usually very boxy designs made of linen. Victorian Cotton Nightdresses were introduced into society in the mid 19th century.


Victorian Cotton Nightdresses refer to the style of the nightdress with the ruffled high collars and long sleeves. They are always white and originally with tucks and embroidery as the only decoration. This was a desirable design reflecting the modesty and purity of the person wearing the nightdress.

In the 16th century the term ‘Nightdress’ was actually used to describe a man’s lose gown, and later in the 17th and 18th centuries it was used to describe a woman’s informal day dress that was worn in the evening. Early 19th century nightdress designs were cut in rectangle shapes for the body and arms so that very little material was wasted.

Victorian Nightdresses are made with cotton; a wonderful breathable material. The early styles were always long hemmed with high collars and long sleeves; but today the styles have adapted to shorter lengths, shorter sleeves to sleeveless, and stooped necklines.  Decorations also have changed to include ribbons and buttons.

Victorian Cotton Nightdresses give an impression of subtle romance – the elegance of the various designs will make the wearer feel very beautiful and feminine. The cotton is soft against the skin and provides a wonderful sensation of luxury while being very practical to wear to bed. Cotton also absorbs perspiration adding to the comfort making this a perfect textile for sleepwear.

Caring for your Victorian Cotton Nightdress does have some considerations depending on the intricacies of the design. More simple designs can handle being washed by a machine in the delicate cycle, but more elaborate designs should be washed by hand. Another consideration is that because they are made from 100% cotton, they should always be hung dry, or laid flat to dry to avoid shrinkage. Check the label on the gown and if you are ever unsure choose to hand wash and line dry.

Victorian Cotton Nightdresses make beautiful gifts for women and girls of all ages. There are even some styles that men enjoy wearing. No matter what your style is during the day; a Victorian Cotton Nightdress will be received warmly as a gift. The classic and various styles of a Victorian Cotton Nightdress with the unmatched feel of cotton is a gift you can give with confidence. Another nice aspect of the Victorian Cotton Nightdress is that because of its flowing loose design, it is easy to guess the correct size of the person receiving the gift!

When you think of Victorian Cotton Nightdresses, romantic elegance, comfort, and feminine beauty come to mind. This timeless classic is popular across all kinds of people living and all kinds of lifestyles for a reason. It is a beautiful design, with a wonderful history, combined with the luxurious comfort of cotton that is guaranteed to contribute to a restful night’s sleep.

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