We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

What Are The Kinds Of Formal Dresses For Each Body Type?

Formal dresses are needed for special events, like for a prom. Formal dresses sets the bar to test your relatively basic social skills by your taking pride in complying and accepting the implicit structure, the norms and demands of the occasion, being able to keep up with the expectations of that small select group of attendees, knowing very well that you will be judged by your dress. We go to these formal events because we want to belong in there, follow social conventions, well prepared for snap judgments. Though important, formal dress is not just about latest fashion, but about your idea of your body type and as to what would suit you best when being in that select group.

Here are some tips to help you choose a formal dress no matter what your body type is:

If you have an hourglass figure which means that you have a slim waist but have full hips and shoulders, you should wear dresses which have wide necklines and a very structured waist  combined with a pencil skirt. When the wrap dresses are tightened around the waist or when the dress has a belt or it has contrasting fabric which is at the waist, there is attention that is drawn to the waist.

  • If you have a bust line that is full and the lower half of the body is slimmer, you should use a dress that has bodice support. The straps should support the bust line. For these type of people, empire waist dresses look the best. An A Line dress too provides the lower half with good proportion.
  • Those that want to have a curvy look, should used dresses that are belted or those that has darts or gathers at the waistline. This will define the lower body. Also, when a wide boatneck is used, the bust line looks fuller.   
  • In order to lengthen the legs, there should be a contrast created. Either the hemline should be just above the knee or a mini skirt should be worn or else showing leg and adding of heel are also ways to lengthen the appearance of the leg and look taller. Another method is using a gown which has a high waist.
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  • Petite shape women – those who are less than 5 feet 3 inches, should opt for short dresses or wear dresses which have an asymmetrical hemline. This gives the appearance of height without overwhelming the person in a long full dress. They should also opt for slim fit dresses with V necklines as well as vertical prints of even pleating. All these help make them look taller. For this body type, delicate feminine dresses work well with great heels.
  • A person with a pear-shape figure – one where the hips are larger than the bust and which have a well-defined waist, should go for fitted tops which have a full skirt or an A line figure. This is because the waist should be flaunted as that is the best asset. The goal in for this body type is that the waist should be emphasized and volume is to be added to the upper body while the lower part is to be de-emphasized.
  • Those with an apple shape, where there is weight carried in the middle section, should use empire waist dresses or short dresses which show off the legs. This is usually because they have slim legs. The A Line dress or a full skirt dress will hide the defects of the middle section. Empire waists or when the top is embellished, draws the attention to the upper part of the body.
  • Slender women have a thin frame and so they should wear fitting dresses. They can also create shape using a neckline that is asymmetric, a belt at the waist or a dress which has a slit. This all will add dimension and curves.

So, those were some of the important tips you can keep in your mind when selecting a best formal dress for upcoming event.

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