We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

World-Class Tailors: Style In Bangkok

There are two options for acquiring a new suit – ready made and tailor made. For the most discerning customers, the last choice is really the only one that makes sense. Some of the finest suits available come from the city of Bangkok in Thailand. If you happen to be in Bangkok you may, of course, contact Universal Tailors for personal service there. But you will not necessarily have to travel to that fascinating location to obtain your custom clothing.

These experienced tailors often visit other countries for the specific purpose of displaying their current collections. They visit Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States, and then travel to Europe and to Singapore each year. Trip details are available directly from the providers; however, you can expect to see them in major cities and in many smaller communities. With this dedication to presenting fine suits, they provide outstanding craftsmanship and a personal, bespoke experience with attention from their in-house tailors.

Quality Product, Customer Care

Universal Tailors brings decades of experience to the process, which means that you are sure to be more than satisfied. They have constructed their well-earned reputation with as much effort as they do their prized suits. That is one of the major reasons people return to them for service, time after time.

When you work with one of the providers of tailor made suits in Bangkok, you have options such as 100 percent wool, Italian luxury fabrics, and more. Details include pure cotton shoulder pads, horn buttons and horsehair interlining of the finest quality. Shirts from these experts are available in 100 percent cotton, as well as twill, poplin and oxford.

You may wonder what style options are offered. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the list includes classic single-breasted suits in two-button or three-button style, as well as the popular double-breasted style. Shirts are available in Italian style or with English-style collars, button down and others. Keep in mind that this company also offers custom-made cuffs, pockets, monogramming and several other details you may be interested in.

Watchful Eye

In addition to the decades of experience brought to tailor made suits in Bangkok, Universal Tailors’ work is consistently under the watchful eye of the company owner. Clients are asked to plan for up to three visits with their tailor so that perfect fit is ensured. You can also be sure that only the finest fabrics are used to carefully create your custom-made suit.

With thousands of customers around the world, these artists in cloth have garnered the attention of global media, both in men’s fashion and in the luxury travel field. Those who know have discovered that Bangkok is one of the cities well known for its skilled tailors. Many people head to this destination precisely because they can be assured of the highest quality without having to pay the higher costs often found in Europe or the United States. Prepare yourself to be amazed at the quality and affordability of some of the finest suits available anywhere in the world.

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