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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

You Can Use Clothing Racks To Organize Your Shoes

Clothing racks have long been a closet alternative staple for city dwellers and people living in older homes that lack adequate closet space. But these days even people with closet space to spare are incorporating these portable garment racks as a cool design feature to create that bespoke boutique feel or industrial loft look.

Whether you’re using a clothing rack because your current storage is less than ideal or because you’re a design maven looking to add a fun feature to display your best pieces, making the most of the clothing rack you have is a smart move. One great way to maximize your clothing storage rack is by adding some features that lets you use it to organize your shoes and boots as well. Follow the tips below to save on space and add a cool look.

Check Your Shelf

Adding a shelf or two to a basic clothing rack will instantly add a few great shoe storage options. Some clothing racks come already featuring a shelf at the bottom or top. These are perfect spots for storing and displaying shoes. You can go with free-floating rows of shoes, or you can choose some shoe boxes: clear plastic bins with pull-out drawers are a great option for keeping things visible. Or, choose wicker or canvas baskets to add charm and texture. They’re both great options that will add a big boost of style and organization.

If You Build It

If your rack is short on shelves, consider a simple DIY project. A pine board pre-cut by your local lumber store will do nicely. If you’re an ambitious DIYer, building one of these things is quite easy if you have some scrap wood and metal pipes. The best thing about DIY is the ability to customize. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can include all sorts of elements in the design – such as vertical box cubes for shoesm or an extra rod or two for belts or handbags.

Pre-fab racks are easy to come by, but there are also several companies offering special order, customized clothing racks. You can choose finishes like patinated cold rolled steel and reclaimed lumber that will fit right in with modern, industrial or rustic décors.

Hang It Up

Boots, especially tall fall and winter styles, can take up a lot of space and should be protected from slouching, which is why hanging them is a great option. This method helps free up floor or shelf space, while also storing your boots safely and compactly. For an inexpensive hang, fashion a DIY shoe hanger out of an old-fashioned wire coat hanger. Clip the ends of the hanger and curl them up making two hooks, one for each shoe. You can also use pant/skirt hangers and hang one shoe or boot from each clip or buy specialty hanging boot forms.

A hanging boot rack is the Cadillac of hanging boot storage. This cool tool allows you to hang and display multiple pairs of boots in a sleek vertical storage making it perfect for maximizing compact spaces like your clothing rack. An added bonus: Tall boot shafts stay supported, protecting them from wear and tear.

Canvas hanging shelves are another solution for maximizing space. They feature vertical storage compartments, which are a perfect fit for shoes. They also work as a divider to establish “zones” on your rack, which can up your organization factor.

Get Creative

There’s no reason to let limited closet space cramp your style. Clothing racks are great for, yes, hanging clothes. But they are also versatile and stylish. It’s time to dispel the notion that clothing rack closets are less than preferable. Keep an open mind and an eye out for ways to bring added function and style to your rack.

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