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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

5 Simple Tips To Consider When Buying Infant Clothing

Kids! How cute & adorable creation they are! But they are by-nature selective and stubborn so, handling them can be tough and frustrating sometimes for new mummas. Kids are the small packets with different emotions like, happiness, love, care which will make mum & dad relation more than stronger.

Yet, they are also making you engaged in a set of different tasks which you can say – PARENTING. It takes your too much time in performing different tasks such as feeding, changing, soothing, pampering and much more. Selecting the best suitable clothes for a newborn is one of the peak duty of any new parents.

As a new parent, you should ensure all the below factors while buying children’s clothes wholesale or online stores. Take a sharp look…

Check The Seams: Seams that are on the inner side of your kid’s clothes must be smoother and consistent. You can verify the seams by turning the garment inside out and looking at them or simply by putting your hands on the top and bottom. You can finalize your choice if nothing scratches or pokes your skin at the time of verification.

Avoid Tight Elastic: If cloth material has tight elastic bands at the waist, arms or neck then it can be irritating for your baby’s sensitive skin as well as cut circulation which will make very uncomfortable tot. Sometimes, it is obvious when baby and infant clothes are too much tight but when you are at the store for purchasing it then it might not seem that much simple.

You should give each area with elastic banding a gentle tug to verify whether it is harmful or not. If there are a lot of stretches then your baby should have plenty of space to grow and if not then it is better to skip it. You should focus on your baby’s weight while determining which size suits him comfortably, not his age.

Scratchy Baby Clothes: Snaps, appliqués or metal zippers with uneven backings can create a scratch. Nowadays, so many baby clothes are in-demand having appliqués so it is important to be double sure while buying this kind of clothes. And don’t be fooled into thinking that the backing will soften up with a few washings because it will not happen.

Possible Choking Hazards: You must be careful because small things can be a trap in your baby’s mouth. There are a lot of places in your baby’s clothes which can create choking hazards. Maybe, your baby would love to swallow those stitched buttons or sequins – Uff, terrible!

You may buy items like this simply because you just can not resist their cuteness. Thus, you should give proper attention and special tug on buttons and snaps to ensure that they will not come off. In addition, recheck these after every single wash because they can turn loose while washing.

Consider Fabric Content: You should check fabric content before making any new purchase. Remember that infant clothes are coming in a variety of fabrics while natural fabrics are the best for baby’s sensitive skin. Remember this – cotton can shrink up to 10% with the first wash. However, cotton/polyester blends are less expensive and don’t wrinkle and thin fabrics are the best in durability.

Ending : Finally, as a parent, your main focus should be on your little one’s comfort. Why do you ruin their happiness by choosing wrong clothes? Guide yourself by above considerations and look your babies unstoppable laugh. Anyhow, your main aim is to keep your cutie pie safe, comfortable & happy. Handle safely!

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