We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Czech Superduo Glass Beads

Matubo Company is the original manufacturer of super duo beads. The company is devoted to making high quality super duo glass beads imported from Czech Republic. The beads take an oval shape, are slightly pinched at every end, and have two holes which are perfect for making multiple row bracelets and necklaces. They create a diamond pattern when stacked together. Their large whole size to bead ratio makes them ideal in bead weaving texture and also in bead threading. In the manufacturing process, super duo beads are recognized easily because of their consistency in size and shape. The beads are mostly used to make high quality jewellery designs.

What does Matubo Company Stock?

The company stocks an approximate of sixty different coloured super duo beads which include gorgeous mixes and new Nebula range with a matte coating. Other colours are chalk white, crystal gold rainbow, jet, blue luster, chalk lilac luster and others. The beads are then sold in a tube containing 300 beads. The measure of super duo bead is 2.5 by 5mm.

Samples made from super duo beads.

  • Asteria pendant kit with 18.5 inch silver chain–light Colorado topaz: This kit comes with a Swarovski Crystal Rivoli super duo beads combined with 11mm by 15mm seeds beads, 18.5 inch silver plated chain that has a thread and a fully illustrated photographic pattern.
  • Czech super duo twin double two hole opaque glass 5mm beads: the pressed bead is developed in such a way that it extends the overall range and is available in all colours. The pressed super duo glass beads are the oldest type of beads that date back to 300 years ago. These beads are formed by pressing heated glass rods into molds.
  • 5 by 2mm super duo Czech pressed glass bead-20gram: These beads come in a set of 20grams. They have not been in the market for long but are similar to twin seed beans and are pressed super duo glass beads that have high uniformity in their shape and size.
  • 20g luster super duo Czech glass beads two hole 2.5mm by 5mm: These beads come in an opaque chocolate white luster super duo Czech glass seeds beads.
  • 20g Picasso super duo Czech glass seed beads two hole super duo 2.5mm by 5mm: They come in either blue, green, light black or brown colour and have two holes and a weight of 20grams. They come with crystal Aqua green travertine dark Picasso superduo beads.
  • Carousel beaded beads pattern: These are pattern featuring honeycomb super duo beads made by professional bead smith. They come in a round compression blended together with a range of different colours that someone wants. They can be knitted onto a cloth to bring a design matching other body jewelry and also the shoes.

Super duo beads come in a range of different colours and shapes. The manner in which they enhance appearance and compliment body designs is always amazing. Get your super duo beads today and join the experience.

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