We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

A Quick Guide To Accessorizing With Jewelry

So you’ve got your favorite dress picked out for the summer ball or your sister’s wedding, the heels have been chosen to match the color and pattern perfectly, all that’s left to complete your outfit is to choose the beautiful accessories. Your jewelry needs to have the right balance between standing out and fitting perfectly with the rest of your outfit. So, follow this quick guide to ensure that you get accessorizing with jewelry spot on for your next event.

Mix it Up

To get the best out of accessorizing with jewelry it’s important that every item you wear brings something to the outfit and isn’t a waste of time. Matching jewelry such as earring and necklace sets are fine, but they show little imagination and often add nothing to the outfit. Instead of matching, make sure that each piece of jewelry is unique and eye-catching but doesn’t look too out of place within the rest of your outfit.

Go for Sparkle

We all know how expensive it can be dressing for an important occasion; there’s so much to think about with the dress, shoes and make-up. Make sure that you save some of your budget to buy some gorgeous jewelry, maybe with a bit of sparkle to add a little extra glam to your outfit. The great thing about jewelry is that you can wear it again and again, still getting complements as if it’s the first time you put it on. So splash out on your jewelry at a shop like Ascot Diamonds. The unique pieces and timeless classics that you’ll find will be perfect for getting the desired complements time after time. A bit of sparkle in your jewelry is bound to catch some eyes and make you look a million dollars on the dance floor.

Pick Colors Which Work Well Alongside Each Other

Get the right balance between your jewelry standing out and fitting in with your outfit by choosing colors which complement each other, not clash! If you’re wearing a stylish white dress, make sure you pick silver or gold jewelry as these will effortlessly complete your outfit and stand out the perfect amount. If you chose black jewelry for this type of dress, it might risk being too overpowering and so hinderyour overall look.

The main thing to think about when accessorizing your outfit with jewelry is to make sure that each item suits your personal style and individual personality. When dressing for special occasions it can be quite daunting picking out what you’re going to wear ensuring that you are neither too dressy nor too casual. The great thing about jewelry is that it can be the difference between formal wear and smart casual. So when shopping for jewelry try to buy a variety of items which suit every type of occasion. Finally, let loose with your jewelry and try new things, you’ll find that unique jewelry is the perfect way to finish any outfit.

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