We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Picking The Right Jacket To Make The T-Shirt Look Formal

Are you bored of wearing the same formal clothes to your office every day? Are you looking for some change that might make you look trendy yet disciplined at your workplace? Then you must try this awesome little secret of style; wear your t-shirt to your office.

Surprised? Oh yes, this quintessential outfit can be worn to the office without ruining your formal look. How? It is simple to pair it with an awesome jacket and marks your style. Just be ready to experiment.


However pairing a jacket with a t-shirt requires expertise. You need to take care of many things as a fusion of two types of clothing is a quite tricky task.

Here are a few tips that will help you in picking the right jacket to make the T-shirt look formal:

  • The sleeves length:

The length of the sleeves has always been a debatable issue. For a perfect formal look, you must wear a jacket that has the sleeves which end at your wrists. Neither lowers to it nor upper. As you will wear a half sleeve t-shirt with it so you must wear branded watches for men to complete your look. However, this can be ignored if you opt full sleeves t-shirt for menScreenshot_2

  • Length:

The first thing to keep in mind is the length of the jacket. If you wear a too long jacket you might appear as in a borrowed jacket or if you wear a short jacket you might be considered to have a speedy growth. Hence choosing the perfect length is a must. For a formal look, you must choose a jacket that goes down your waist but does not pass it. Pot it with a crew neck plain t-shirt for your formal look.

  • Fit:

The perfect fitting jacket is the one that shows your body structure. It should be tight but not with the creases. You should be able to wear it with a layer of a trendy t-shirt. Remember do not pair a jacket with a polo t-shirt as it might not grace your look.   Screenshot_3

  • Check the match:

Mere wearing a jacket with the perfect fit is not enough you must match it with a perfect t-shirt as well. Usually, sober colors are preferred as a formal choice. You must choose plain t-shirts for men over printed and other designed men’s t-shirts as they give you the perfect formal look. The blazer too should be of a darker tone & mature colors. Lighter shades often give you a casual look.

  • Type of jacket:

Yes, even jackets have many types. Casual jackets, denim jackets, suit jackets, blazers, leather jackets, etc. are a few examples of jackets. However, all of these do not go with the formal look. You must choose a blazer or a suit jacket to attain a formal look in your men’s t-shirt. A leather jacket may be good but for your casual occasions.


T-shirts have been a man’s life long partner and when you pair them with the right type of jacket they do not let you go office without them. Just follow these tips while picking a jacket to wear with your t-shirt and stepping into your workplace all classy and formal. However, the choice of the right t-shirt also plays an important role in making the look go perfectly.   So next time whether you go for shopping or just want to experiment some fusion with the clothes in your closet a jacket paired up with a t-shirt should be the number one on your wish list.

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