We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

What Fashion Pieces You Need On Your Beach Vacation

You want to look attractive and well-dressed while on your fun and wild beach vacation. There are so many new fashions for a beach-y look. Whether you want something classy or exotic, you need some stylish girls beachwear pieces to bring along with you.

  • Floppy Hat

One of those classic looks is a floppy beach hat and for good reason. When you roll out of bed on a lazy day, putting a hat on with a pair of sunglasses makes you feel put together. Plus, it adds plenty of shade over your face, which is important for skin health.

  • Swimsuits

In general, you want to bring two or three swimsuits while on your beach vacation. This is because one may get dirty, and you are going to want to change up your look. Right now, girls beachwear and high waist bikinis are popular! Combined with blocks of color, the high waist will thin out any features you may not like and create a beautiful, hourglass figure to your body.

Another great idea is to bring a rash guard. If you plan to spend hours in the water, a rash guard top protects your arms from the glare of the sun. When sunlight hits the water, it can cause you to get a sunburn much easier. If you like to surf or float for hours, it would be a great idea to pack one with you.

  • Cover-Ups

When you aren’t in the water but want to have your swimsuit on, you need some sort of cover-up. There are so many adorable options on the market today! One of the most popular options are the sheer, loose kimonos. You can find them in bright colors or geometric patterns, but the sheer fabric makes even the brightest colors feel less overwhelming.

Cover-ups don’t just serve one purpose. Kimonos look great when paired with jean shorts and a tank top. You can also use some cute, cotton dresses as a cover-up. As you are walking around your Zanzibar Resorts, you’ll have a stylish outfit on, with your swimsuit under so you can swim at a moment notice.

  • Rompers

It is vacation, and you want to be comfortable, yet put together. Rompers create that exact feeling. They are typically made of soft, breezy material, so you won’t be hot in the summer sun. However, when paired with a classy pair of shoes and a necklace, you can dress up a romper. They transition from beach to evening wear very simply. These types of items are needed on a relaxing vacation.

  • Off The Shoulder

Right now, off the shoulder tops and dresses are popular among beach goers. They create a nice breeze, so you will always feel cool even in the heat. Also, they show off just enough skin to be considered a great outfit for a night out with your spouse. There are some very nice off the shoulder swimsuits as well, but they may not be practical for mothers.

  • Shoes

To tie your outfits together, sandals are a must. However, you have to remember comfort because you never know how long you will be exploring the town or the attractions. While high heels or wedges seem like a great idea, they aren’t a smart idea for most of your beach vacation. Pack a variety of options, especially a classic Havianas sandal.

  • Dresses

Your go-to look for the beach should be flowy, sun dresses. They are light and airy, yet they can be dressed up with necklaces, earrings and sandals. Make sure to bring a few with you. A solid color dress with some natural jewelry would be a great look for an evening at a sophisticated dinner.

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