We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Beautiful Style Choices For Fall 2016

Fall time is the best time for fashion changes. Cozy sweaters, comfortable boots, leggings, new jean styles and more are all about to be revealed. Fall and winter offer a change-up, the fall of 2016 is no different. If you are wondering what to expect in the coming months, here are some styles you may see in the stores.

  • Biker Jacket

Yes, you read that right! Biker jackets are coming back into the limelight and are loved by many. No, we aren’t talking about the oversized, hiding all of your curves type biker jacket. This fall, you will want a fitted, leather biker jacket for a sexy and unique look.

  • Over the Knee Boots

Every fall and winter offers different looks for boots. This year, expect to see a lot of boots going up over your knees. They are a daring look if you are up to the challenge. However, the whole look of knee high boots can be changed with a simple addition of a cozy sweater. For fall, try an oversized knit sweater with leggings and some sky-high boots. Gorgeous!

  • Boyfriend Jeans

If you are looking for a change from your skinny jeans, try a baggy, comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans. Typically, they have some distressed look as well. Pair them with a fitted t-shirt and a cozy cardigan. Since they are baggy, the rest of your outfit shouldn’t be to avoid a frumpy look.

  • Luscious Curls

With all of the sweaters and cardigans coming your way, don’t forget your hair. One of the best looks for the fall is sexy, full, luscious curls. To get the great curls, using a great hair dryer is the way to go. Try the Panasonic Nano-E – one of Oomphed’s top choices for the best look in the shortest amount of time.

  • Leggings

All of the women and mothers out there sing hallelujah when someone mentions leggings being in style. They are comfortable, but offer a pulled together look. Every brand offers leggings, so you can find some in your budget range. Leggings are the perfect addition with tunics or oversized sweaters. So, make sure you have a variety in your closet this fall.

  • Trenchcoat

You are probably wondering if this fall is going to be a scene out of the movies with trenchcoats and over the knee boos. While it could play out that way for some, trenchcoats are a great option for the fall. They provide coverage for the chilly weather without being too heavy. Try a brightly colored one or a different material than nylon for a fun look.

  • Blanket Scarves

Having a few scarves in your wardrobe can change the look of your outfit. With a blanket scarf, you can do so much. They offer versatility, which is a lovely thing this fall.

  • Leopard

Leopard there, leopard here, leopard everywhere! If you want to embrace the fashion but aren’t as daring, try for simple introductions of the print. Leopard leggings paired with boots and a solid shirt would be beautiful. If you are up to the challenge, a full, leopard dress would wow anyone you encounter.

  • Turtlenecks

Fashion comes in cycles, or so it seems. Turtlenecks are once again making a presence on the fashion runway. Baggy, turtlenecks fit right in with the cozy look that fashion experts are leaning towards this year.

  • Oversized Accessories

One way to spice up your wardrobe is to add more accessories. From oversized heels to large belts, 2016 is all about making a big statement in easy ways. Try adding an oversized belt to one of your cozy knit sweaters. Or, toss a huge bag over your shoulder before heading out the door.

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