We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Dazzle Like A Diva With The Right Dress

Whether it’s a birthday party or a date with your boyfriend, you can’t look better than in a dress. Dresses are definitely the order of the day and the kind of elegance they exude is something you don’t see oozing out from other outfits. Dresses are cool, comfortable and convenient to wear. So, if you think it’s high time you filled your wardrobe with something other than kurtas and shirts, then scouting around for some dresses would be the best bet.

Without a speck of doubt, dresses are a great addition to your fashion arsenal. The reason why they are so popular is that they are extremely versatile. Yes, you can wear them to almost all big and small occasions.

You will be happy to know that dresses meant for all body types can be found in the market. Gone are the days when women refrained from wearing dresses. Today, a lot of women can be seen donning dresses, notwithstanding body types. Even women who are too lean or bulky can carry this outfit off with elegance.

Although there are many varieties of dresses for girls, you shouldn’t pick one for yourself randomly. Your decision to pick a particular type of dress should be well thought out. If you have a bulkier upper body, then you will look great in a fit-and-flare dress. However, if your body vital statistics are perfect, you will carry off any cut with ease. A lot of women having short legs prefer to wear long dresses, which help them hide their legs. However, if your long lanky legs are your asset and you want to show them off, then you can either wear a short dress or a long dress with a side slit.

Women, who love to wear dark colours, can opt for black and navy blue- two of the most popular colours when it comes to dresses. Nevertheless, other colours like red and royal blue are also widely worn. In case, you have detest for gaudy and loud colours, you should go for white dresses. And if you thought white is boring, then you probably haven’t seen those Hollywood divas gracing red carpet with amazing white dresses.

Even multi-coloured dresses look amazing when teamed up with right shoes and accessories. All you need is the confidence to carry them off. Having said that, it’s important to choose the colour of your dress keeping in mind your skin tone. While fair women do fine with a lot of colours, dusky women should be a little selective while picking shades.

Patterned dresses are also high in demand. Although all kinds of patterns sell, the most sought after patterns are geometric in nature. Even abstract patterns are worn by a lot of women without appearing out-of-place.

It’s best not to opt for dresses with embellishments if you are not sure how you will look in them. Simple dresses in beautiful cuts and colours are more than enough to offer you that much desired diva look.

With all these handy tips, you are sure to get yourself a beautiful dress.


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