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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Can Your Dressing Style Affect Your Income? Read On…

When you’re working at your current job, you probably wonder to yourself whether you’ll be able to make more money or get that promotion you want if you dress a different way. Even if you haven’t thought about that, there’s people around you who are thinking about it.

How you dress has a curious impact on your income level, depending on your gender. For men, numerous studies have shown that what they wear will definitely influence their income level. For example, if men wear suits and power ties, they’re more likely to make more money than when wearing other clothes. For women, the answer is quite different as how they dress doesn’t show to have much of an impact on their income levels or promotional opportunities.

The gender line is prominent in the business world. If you’re shopping at Destiny4Design or another store, be sure to keep this article in mind when you’re picking out those clothes for your next business meeting. Below are a few real-life examples of image consultants who have shared their advice when it comes to dressing well and income levels.

Sandy Dupont

When Sandy works with various clients, she can tell the difference that dressing nicer has on their self-confidence levels and ability to believe in themselves. That’s one of the main reasons that many of her clients get promoted to higher positions in their companies or other companies.

When it comes to dressing well, she says that it’s not so much about what you’re wearing. It’s more about how you act while you’re wearing those clothes. And when you dress more sophisticated and more powerful, you will in general feel more powerful and confident. And those that act more confident during job interviews and on the job, will be more in line for a promotion than those who aren’t.

John Carroll

With John’s clients, he has a similar mantra to Sandy. The men that he dresses are taught that first impressions are one of the most powerful forces in the universe. A first impression can ruin or improve your chances on the first date. Or it can land you that first job out of college. In fact, it only takes around five seconds for someone to make a first impression that lasts long after the first interactions.

And a lot of first impressions depend on what you’re wearing and how you present yourself. If you dress well and look put-together, you’re going to be giving off a good first impression to your potential new boss or girlfriend/boyfriend. And that will determine your future relationship with that person or the chance of you getting that job.

Heath Wells

With Heath, his mantra is that you should dress your personality. Largely, your chances of a promotion or job is going to depend on your industry. For example, if you’re going into an artistic profession and are looking to get a job at a local studio, how you dress isn’t going to matter as much as how you dress in a large corporation.

So, when it comes to how you should dress to get a raise or get that job, his main advice is “it depends”. But no matter what, you should dress to show off your unique personality. In the end, the person you’re trying to impress is going to more impressed with your talent and personality than with the clothes you’re wearing. And if you show off your personality with the clothes on your body, you’re that closer to landing that promotion.

So, does your style affect your potential income? Yes and no. For some people in some professions, your dress is going to really affect your chances for a promotion or getting that job, especially in the corporate world where jobs are very much still dominated by powerful men. However, if you’re going into a more creative profession, your dress might not matter so much. Take each situation into account and remember to make your style reflect your confidence and personality.

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