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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

How To Wear Jeggings This Summer

How do you actually wear jeggings? You know what they look like, you know what you think of them, and you’ve probably already considered buying them, but that simple, practical question is preying on your mind. When it comes down to it, how do you actually really wear jeggings? Are they for you?

You might think not. Because after all, jeggings, which are just denim leggings, most commonly made from a denim-spandex mix, can be both intimidating and unfashionable. They might also bring back some horrible memories from the 1980s.

Then again, we’ve seen big names like Beyonce and Kate Bosworth sporting jeggings through the fashion pages and on the red carpets. We’ve also noticed that top denim designers like Seven for All Mankind and J Brand are stocking and selling the things. So, we can probably be sure that jeggings won’t be this year’s version of the dreadful leggings-with-mini-skirt look, another disturbing echo of the 1980s!

Now we know that jeggings are going to be around for a while, here are some tips on how to make them work for you.

The key thing to remember about jeggings is that they’re not trousers. They are, however, a great companion to dresses, long shirts and tunics. They also look good with a jacket.

In fact, jeggings can be dressed up or dressed down. Try them with an oversized T-shirt and flats. For cooler days, match them with a cardigan. In summer, jeggings go well with a tank top or long t-shirt. In fact these denim leggings can become a handy staple of your wardrobe, fit for many occasions.

The humble jegging is an item which can be worn for a classy night out or for day time occasions. Are you going to a Sunday brunch? Pair those denim leggings with a printed blouse and ankle boots. If you have a dress-down Friday at your office, you can try a touch of masculine-chic: an oversize blazer, classic T-shirt and vintage loafers. In many ways, jeggings are nearly as adaptable as blue jeans and they can look good on nearly every occasion.

Beyoncé and Ciara have given jeggings the red carpet treatment, so take a leaf out of their books and pair yours with a sequined mini dress, a black blazer and heels.  Jeggings can also be a perfect set-off for a strikingly patterned shirt. If you are an avid believer that less is more, then why not try a sheer black tank paired with costume jewellery such as pearls or gold chains?

Overall, jeggings are a handy and fashionable garment. Investing in a pair of them means you will have something comfy but stylish to wear to any occasion. What are you waiting for?

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