We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Different Types Of Board Shorts And Their Unique Features

A board short may be referred to as a swimwear that is loose as regards its fitting. Usually meant for the men; board shorts are used by the women too. These shorts have Velcro and lace-up tie front and are equipped with longer legs as compared to the usual swimming trunks.

Different types of board shorts – Following usual types of Luxury Designer Swim Shorts are available in the market:

  1. Standard – These types of board shorts are usually meant for surfers. With a long inseam of approx twenty two inches they are loose but fine as regards the fitting to the waist. One can easily straddle the board when sitting in the water and enjoy complicated activities when riding the waves.
  2. Retro – Mostly used by the men it has shorter inseam of about sixteen to eighteen inches. It is tight as far as all round fitting is concerned. Its form fitting design may constrain one’s movement and does not suit surfing. Those interested in certain watersports prefer this type of board shorts that suit freediving and scuba etc.
  3. Modern – It may be referred to as a mixture of stand and retro type of board shorts. Fit for a slim person, this board short is skin-tight. Its inseam lies between eighteen and twenty two inches. Regrettably, this luxury designer swim short may not suit high-impact water sports.
  4. Baggies – Those interested in buying long length and loose fitting board shorts may try baggies with the rigid waistband. The wonderful features of baggies are front drawstring ties, elastic waist and an inner mesh. Baggies are the apt alternative for the men. Regrettably, the inner mesh may not find favor with the users after a long gap of time because of chafing.
  5. Half Jam – Equipped with the inner mesh and partially-elasticized waist; half jam board shorts have a single panel at the back of the waistband in general. Those wearing this type of board shorts enjoy the fixed part of the waistband that provides additional security. Useful for surfing for smaller periods these board shorts are good for lounging by the pool.

Tips to buy board shorts – Those interested in buying Luxury Designer Swim Shorts are advised to follow the under mentioned tips:

  1. Material and quality – The first and foremost point to be considered is the material with which the board short is made from. Ancient periods saw board shorts made from durable material including canvas but that was too rough. Advancement of technology has seen great changes in the type of material as regards board shorts. Nylon and polyester are the general materials used for making board shorts.
  2. Use – Originally designed only for the surfers; board shorts are now used for different activities related to water sports. Those looking for these shorts for lounging or tanning may ask for baggies or retro type shorts while something more secure and durable may be required for water skiing or windsurfing. Specialty board shorts may suit other sports.
  3. Type of construction – Two-way and four-way stretch board shorts may be considered for certain events.

Board shorts can be asked online through home delivery system too. EBay is one of the best systems for buying board shorts.

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