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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

A Personalised Bathrobe Is An Unforgettable Gift

When you are searching for a great gift, there is no doubt that you have millions of different gift options available. If you want to present your loved one something they will truly cherish for years, one of the most personal gifts you can give is a personalized bathrobe.

Give a Great Gift

Personalised robes are a great gift idea for almost any occasion. Brides-to-be should consider these as a gift item for their bridesmaids and other women her wedding party. When the big day finally arrives, all the women in your bridal party will have something comfortable to wear when they are getting ready and dressed for the joyous occasion. The same concept applies for the Groom-to-be. Personalised robes are given to the Best Man and groomsmen can wear it the day of the wedding. This gives them something to wear in the time leading up to changing into their formal wear for the event. New mothers will also appreciate the gift of a personalised bathrobe. New babies are known for keeping their own schedule, so having a robe handy gives mum something warm and easy to put on in the middle of the night. If dad is taking an active role in taking care of the little one in the overnight hours, he deserves one, too!

Perfect for the Swimmer in Your Life

A personalised bathrobe is a thoughtful gift for anyone that swims on a regular basis. Bathrobes are a great way to cover up when walking from the pool to the locker or changing room. They are better than a standard towel in the fact that they cover most, if not all of the body. When your favourite swimmer gets out of the pool, they will love the luxurious feel that bathrobes provide them. It helps keep them warm and aids in drying.

A True Spa and Resort Experience

People love to visit spas and resorts because of the luxurious amenities that they offer. Famous spas are known for custom crafted soaps, lotions, massage oils, body sugars and bath oils. Luxury bathrobes are another signature product that people who are visiting a day spa come to expect. Resorts rely on luxury items like bathrobes to help make guests feel comfortable when they are relaxing after a hot shower or a bubble bath. When you give a personalised bathrobe by Cottonvale, you are letting your loved one know that you think they deserve pampering every day of the week.

Customise Your Bathrobe Gift

As you can see, personalised bathrobes make great gifts for lots of reasons. Everyone appreciates the look and feel of a high-quality cotton bathrobe. Personalised bathrobes assure that your recipient never gets their bathrobe accidentally mixed up with someone else’s. Classical white bathrobes are always a solid option for gift giving, bathrobes are available in many colours including jet black, charcoal, burgundy, navy blue and denim blue. You can also select the type of cotton, for more luxury. Varieties include 100% Egyptian cotton, cotton waffle, linen and fine wool. Once you have selected the colour and cotton blend for your customised gift, the next part is selecting the monogram and embroidery for your gift.

Monogramming and Embroidery

The final touch of your custom bathrobe gift is finalising the embroidery and monogramming aspect of your order. These accents can be done in the colour of your choice. Coloured monograms are available in Black, Wine, Grey, Gold, Silver, Beige, Marine, Red, White, Cream, Navy, Sky, Lilac, Peach, Pink, Forest, Aqua, Chocolate and Yellow. Not only can gift givers select the perfect colour of their embroidery, they can choose the perfect font for the robe. Times, Script and Block are among the most popular scripts. Motifs may also be added to your customised gift. Motifs include floral designs, bows, hearts, a crown, a ship wheel, a crest or a Victoria monogram. As you can imagine, you are able to create the perfect robe for your loved one, whether they are a child, teenager or a fully grown adult.

Simplify Your Gift Giving Tactics

There is no reason to toil over trying to find a perfect gift the next time you need an intimate gift for a loved one. Personalised bathrobes simplify the entire process. You do not have to spend hours walking through shops and stores to find the best gift idea. Bathrobes are comfortable and can be worn over pyjamas in the winter for extra warmth. They are perfect to wear on a lazy Sunday morning as you are enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the weekend paper. They are great as a bathing suit cover-up when you are at the gym, fitness club or beach. If you have to answer the door when you are not properly dressed. New parents will love having a robe to quickly put on when they have to tend to their baby during the night time hours. They are something that can be worn and cherished for years after you present them with it. Every time they wrap themselves in the luxurious robe you gave them, the recipient will remember you. This in itself is a priceless gift!

Start Shopping Now

Now is a great time to start shopping for a custom bathrobe for yourself and your loved ones. If you are shopping for a specific occasion that has a set date, such as a birthday or wedding, it is a good idea to place your order a few weeks ahead of time. This assures there is enough time to complete the customisation process in time. Further, you will want to make sure that your order is satisfactory to you. When you order early, your items are shipped to you well ahead of time. If you are unhappy with the customisation, you will still have enough time to send the items back if needed. Custom bathrobes are truly a classic gift item and your recipients will know that you put a lot of thought and planning into this gift item. Happy shopping!

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