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We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

How To Apply Hair Extensions

Spicing up short hair

Short hair can be great, it’s low maintenance and you can really rock a great Pixie look. Whilst it’s great to sport one look for most of the time it’s always good to spice things up and change your hair so you really stand out. If you do have short hair you can change your look in an instant with the use of hair extensions.  Hair extensions may be perceived to some as high maintenance, difficult to use and ‘fake looking’, but if you buy good quality extensions you’ll find they can actually look very natural.

Natural or Synthetic?

Firstly you’ll need to decide whether you want synthetic or real hair extensions. Synthetic extensions are man-made keratin/plastic mix that imitates human hair. They’re generally a lot cheaper but tends to be of lesser quality.  Human hair extensions are one of the best options as they’re donated by humans and re-purposed into extensions.  Whatever your nationality you’ll find a large number of different styles of hair so you can match your natural texture as closely as possible.

Don’t break the bank

If you’re struggling to find the pennies to change your look you may want to consider buying a weft of hair. A hair weft is section of hair – real or synthetic – that’s sewn together on top. Simply buy a pack of hair extension clips and take the weft and the clips to a tailor who will attach the two for you. Unless you’re feeling brave and want to tackle the job yourself?

Clip in extensions

Once you’ve got your hair extensions you’ll need to think about how you’re going to apply them. Typically clip in hair extensions are one of the cheapest and quickest methods of attaching the extensions. Clip in extensions will find it difficult to attach to natural hair and may slide off so you need to rough it up a little bit first. Use a tease brush to “amp” up your roots and give the extensions something to cling to.  Make sure you cover the clips up with your natural hair so the extensions can’t be spotted by a wandering eye. Over the course of the day clip in extensions may start to fall out so they do need to be applied daily.

Bonded extensions

Fusion hair extensions or bonded extensions unlike clip ins require synthetic or human hair to be essentially glued into your natural hair. Typically these are the longest lasting extensions but are the most expensive and require a friend or stylist to apply. You will need a bonding glue to allow the extensions to be glued to your natural hair and to ensure you can remove it once you want to change your look.

Whether you’re new to hair extensions and want to blossom into Cinderella over night or you’re a seasoned pro there’s lots you can learn about how to apply extensions in the correct way. Keep extensions as close to your hairline as possible and make sure you add volume beforehand so that the clips don’t fall out. If you’re going to bond the hair extensions make sure that you apply with care and don’t go too crazy or your hair could end up in a tangled mess.

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