We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Latest Fashion Trends

There are millions of people who want to be up to date with the latest fashionable trends be it women sandals, attire, accessories or any other fashion related stuff, they want to look #trendy and stay updated. This explains their desire to watch what to wear and to be in the step with the style followed by others. Sometimes they may end up looking like fools but the desire to look unique and presentable is common and natural. Here are a few tips and latest designs which will surely help you set your own trend:

While most people prefer light and pastel shades, no one escape the all new shimmering neon colors which have gained immense popularity in the markets. Somewhere between these neon and pastel colours lie the world of light and delicate colors like cobalt blue, fuchsia pink, emerald green and lemon yellow which perfectly suits the summer mood. These may not be bold like neon or soft like pastel but are surely good enough to keep you in fashion without making you feel conscious about them.

Colored Bottoms bring back the days of your childhood and refresh your memories with floral prints and colored bottoms. Be it denims, Bermudas, skirts, shorts, floral prints are best suited for any fashion. You can make the best out of it with vibrant nail shades and dark lipsticks, and let the lips do the talking. Also experimenting with frocks with frills and animal shades on them could spell wonders for you and add that funky look to your style.

Sheer Fabrics If you are looking for something which is jazzy and elegant at the same time, sheer fabrics is best suited for you. It’s neither too arrogant nor too snobby. If you carry it wisely and with matching accessories, it can make you look like a diva within seconds. These are available in wide range of colors which will add life to boring and dull blues and blacks.

Aviators and Wayfarers If you are looking for shades blindly go for aviators or wayfarers who will give you the girl next door look without major efforts. Whatever goes out of fashion comes back with a bigger bang, and same is the case with these aviators. The best to choose from are Park Avenue, Ray Ban, Opium and Idée.

Neckpieces are something that will take forever to go out of fashion. These are available in wide variety of colors and pairing them with something plain truly gives you that elegant look. Experimenting with pure white or cream shades can also come in quite handy.

If you are looking for an instant ethnic look, all you need a bunch of matching accessories. These could be anything from bid studs, Indian ear pieces, head bands, long chain bags, rings, printed scarfs, jewelled head bands. Just choose the right and matching item and you are ready to go.

So, keeping up with fashion does not mean you have to blindly follow the others but try to be natural and create your own style. Wear which suits you best and makes you comfortable rather than doing something which you can’t handle.


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