We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Brief Guide To Ladies Golfing Attire

Although golf is still seen by many outsiders as being a predominantly male sport, it is fair to say that female participation in the game has grown exponentially over the past three or four decades. Indeed, lady golfers are very welcome at most golf clubs these days as long as they – like their male counterparts – adhere to the club management’s dress code.

Golfing Tops
Nearly any type of ladies golf shirt is acceptable these days as long as it adequately covers the wearer’s midriff. Whilst collared shirts are still the top of choice at most golf clubs, more causal options, such as v-necks and sleeveless shirts, are now seen as being ‘acceptable wear’ on links up and down the country. It is worth noting that, whilst ladies golf jackets rarely ruffle feathers of golf club administrators, some of the more exclusive clubs may have an issue with any ladies golf jacket that is particularly ‘loud’ or garish in appearance.

Golfing Bottoms
Lady golfers generally have three options when it comes to golfing bottoms: skirts, shorts and trousers. Ladies who opt to wear skirts should bear in mind that most clubs will expect them to be relatively conservative in their length. Shorts and trousers are generally seen as being the most classic choice. Many golf clubs are also quite happy for female golfers to take to the course wearing golf dresses as their similarity to tennis dresses ensures ladies look sporty and smart in equal measure.

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