We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Top 10 Must Know Makeup Tips For Girls

Makeup is an important segment which polishes your personality and make sure that you look your best. Many a times, girls are often confused of where and how to start there makeup while going to a party, college or even office. So here are some easy makeup tips you can follow and get an awesome look. 

1. Applying foundation in the right way
In order to have a flawless skin after applying foundation you need to know a simple trick. Once you apply the foundation all over the face make sure you take a tissue paper and wipe the foundation applied on the cheek softly. Remember that you do not rub the tissue harshly on your cheeks. Then blush your cheeks and get a great look. You can buy foundation from an online store and get good discounts.

2. Long eyelashes
Take care of your eyelashes without experimenting with them in order to grow them long. You just need to use your mascara properly. You should take your eyelashes on the eyelids towards the sky so that they look long. Keep a thick base in the beginning then create a thin ending to give an attractive look.

3. Flush your skin
You need to know that your facial skin should have a flushing effect which is actually a shining effect. Try bronze blend along with gold so that you get a shine on your cheeks and lips. It does not matter whether you have light or dark toned skin.

4. Know the art of sculpting
This tip is for those who have prominent cheek bones. For this you need to blush the area below the cheek bones in the circular bones so that the area gets finished in an attracted way. Remember to find a color in contrast to your skin tone to give an attractive look to your face.

5. Bold eyebrows
This one is quite experimenting one but you can surely try it. Brush your eyebrows with a comb or dry mascara applicant and keep it in the position you find suitable for your face. Bold eyebrows instantly attract any individual to your look.

6. Smokey eyes
Smokey eyes have been a makeup trend on demand and it’s quite fascinating too. First of all, apply liner from the lower eyelashes and take it towards the end. Remember not to keep any gap between the lashes and liner. Then apply liner above the eyelashes on the eyelid and then blend them. After this, apply eye shadows from eyelid to the creases.

7. 100 percent perfect eyeliner
Liquid eyeliner is one of the fearing things to master and apply. So you can first of all draw a line above your upper eyelashes with an eyeliner “pencil”. Then use liquid eyeliner and make your eyes bright.

8. Bright red lips
You can never forget racy red lips from your makeup lips as it is sign of absolute feminine which gives a bold look to your personality. Apply red lipstick then smile so that there are no creases in between.

9. No dark circles
Dark circles are an absolute killer of your look and just indicates that you are tired. So apply a sweat absorbing cream below your eyes and apply a lighter colored powder than your skin color texture. You can also use concealer as per your convenience. You can get them at a good online store.

10. Bronze look
It’s fine to choose the bronze look in every season. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Just apply the bronze color in the half circular way around the temple.

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