We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

Perfect Nail Colors For The Corporate Girl

What girl doesn’t love pampering herself with a fresh manicure and an even better pedicure? The most nerve wrecking part of a great nail salon experience is hearing the phrase “Pick your color”. This gets even more complicated when you happen to work in corporate America. Although the hot pinks and neon oranges are out of the question, there are still great colors to choose from that won’t drive your boss or HR nuts.

It goes without saying that even if you prefer naked nails, your nails should never be neglected. Nails that are not tended to evoke nervousness, incompetence, and lack of confidence. Don’t forget to file, cut your cuticles, and moisturize often. Our hands are powerful communicators – don’t let them negatively speak for you.

Nude is the new black okay, not really but nudes are SO in! Nudes, lights, and subtle colors are definitely a go-to when working in a more conservative working environment. Note that your nail color should reflect your work place environment – the more conservative the workplace the more subtle your nail color should be.

French manicure is another go-to style when working in corporate America. It’s simple, classy, and elegant and doesn’t draw too much attention. Plus, it goes with every outfit!

Brick red, wine, and plum are also acceptable nail color options when working in corporate America. Although these colors are usually reserved for those cold, winter months.

If pink is your thing and you just can’t part ways, make sure it’s sublet and not in your face. The last thing you want is your popping pink nails being the first thing clients and employers see.

Shades of green, blue, silver, yellow, and gold should be avoided in the workplace, as well as outrageous nail art designs. And ladies – let’s keep them at an appropriate length. Nothing is more annoying then long nails pounding on a keyboard.

And now you’re ready to tackle that nail polish rack when they ask you to pick a color.

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