We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

We run a lifestyle blog that loves to party and fashion

How To Choose Gold Studs That Suit Your Face Shape?

When it comes to jewelry of women, there are lots of options from head to toe. Not all the people in different traditions would love to wear them. Few types of jewelry like mangalsutra are strictly used by few cultures like Hindus.  The one type of jewel that is loved by many women across the world are ear studs. They are more fond of it when these ear studs are made with the precious metal like gold. This is the reason why these gold ear studs have large market .women’s love to these earrings is huge.

As you don’t need to spend all your spending to purchase these gold earrings, they don’t just limit their collection to one. They fill their wardrobes with huge collection of gold earrings. There is no surprise if I say that women rush to gold shops to buy a pair of gold studs as soon as they accumulate good enough money to purchase them. Addressing their curiosity to have huge collection of gold rings, there are many online stores offering them. However, you should be very careful in choosing studs that fits your face shape. Not all the types of gold earrings are same and they don’t give same look to the every face.

Not only attire, you should take different factors into consideration when you wear earrings. Most importantly, they should fit the shape of your face.

Round face

If your face is round and have wide cheekbones that don’t narrow down the chin, choose to war gold ear studs to have an elegant appearance. You can also try Long earrings and earrings that are angular in shape. Your face doesn’t gel with Chunky ear cuffs, circular earrings.

Oval face
if you have an oval face, you are very fortunate. There is nothing that you should sacrifice in the case ear studs. You can try anything that you love. Women with oval shape face look more elegant in the gold studs fitted with pearl.


If the cheeks, jaws and forehead have same width, you have a square face. People with this face look good in circular hoops earrings. You can search for these collections in online store. You should never dare to try Chunky ear cuffs, thin dangles, and Small hoops.

Heart Shaped 

What do you mean by heart shaped face? Does anyone have it? If your forehead tapers down the chin and it is wider than cheeks, you are said to have heart shaped face. it is advisable to avoid heart shape gold earrings but, you can always give a try for tear drop, chandelier earrings.

Narrow face

If your face narrows, you can undoubtedly try small gold ear studs. in fact, you look best in them. Try to collect plenty of them to suit your attire depending on occasion.

Diamond Shaped

Few women have diamond shape faces too. If your forehead looks narrow than cheek bone, then you fall in the category. You can choose to wear tear tops,chandelier earrings and earrings with soft curves

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