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brow lamination

Everything You Need To Know About Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is the new treatment on the block with more and more people looking to improve their brows and enhance their look. Before we delve into what you can expect from your brow lamination kit, you have to know that the results you experience really will speak for themselves because you’ll have brows that will look fuller and natural.

What Is Brow Lamination?

The process of brow lamination involves taking eyebrow hairs and straightening and lifting them through the use of a chemical solution. This gives your eyebrows greater flexibility, making it possible to shape them as you wish. As a result, you will be able to hide any gaps and deal with any problems that you might have.

Once the brow hairs have been straightened a solution is applied to help fix the hairs in place. What this creates are brows that are fuller-looking and brows that will remain in place after brushing.

After The Treatment, What Can You Expect?

Once you have completed the treatment, your brows will still be malleable. This means that you will be able to move them and comb them in a certain direction if you choose to.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

The treatment can last for anything from five to eight weeks, and this is dependent on your hair. If you have coarse hair, then it won’t last as long as those who have lighter, thinner hair but for those with coarse hair, you can expect the treatment to last for around a month.

How Often Can The Treatment Be Used?

On the whole, the treatment can be reapplied every six to eight weeks. However, the aim is to keep the integrity of the brow hair while remembering that it is much like eyelash hair. This is because the hair moves through cycles of growth which means that hairs will shed which means that over time, you will notice the consistency of the hair returning back to normal around six to seven weeks – depending on your hair type. At this point, you can then use the treatment again.

Brow Lamination Aftercare

It is recommended that you apply a styling gel to your brows after you have received the treatment. With the right aftercare, you will be able to keep your brows looking great for as long as possible.

For the first 24 hours after the treatment, you should avoid waterproof makeup and oils. Therefore, you should not use powders, gels, or pencils you will need to use an oil-based remover. It is possible to have a shower although you should be mindful of the time you spend in the show because humidity can have an impact on the results during the first 24 hours. Although difficult, you should avoid allowing your eyebrows to touch the pillow as this will cause the shape to alter.

The Cost

The cost of brow lamination can differ for a range of factors, such as the location of the salon, where you go for the treatment, who carries out the treatment, whether you opt for any extras, etc.

However, if you are looking to improve the look of your eyebrows and want to create a new look, then brow lamination is right for you.

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